Legal terms

    1. This Agreement governs the relationship and defines the rights and obligations between GRI Club (GRI Services Ltd is a limited company registered in the US, NO. 3906015.), and Applicant for participation in the GRI PropTech Club (individual or legal entity).
    2. The GRI PropTech Club is a company owned by the GRI Club and is intended for different audiences. The GRI PropTech Club aims to be a platform for interaction between small technology-based companies among themselves and members of other clubs managed by GRI Club, such as the GRI Real Estate Club and the GRI Infrastructure Club.
    3. Through the GRI PropTech Club, the entrepreneur or Startup can access the events and members of the GRI Club (Real Estate or Infrastructure), at the sole discretion of the GRI PropTech Club team.
    4. The GRI PropTech Club is exclusively for entrepreneurs and companies that meet the following three conditions: have an approximate turnover between 0 and 3 million USD / year, product or company is destined to meet specific demands of the real estate market and product or company be characterized as a strong innovation (market, technology, productivity and / or efficiency).
    5. There is no charge to become a member of the GRI PropTech Club (Club), nor to remain a member.
    6. One or more benefits of the GRI PropTech Club for Startups and entrepreneurs may or may not be achieved depending on numerous conditions and adversities as well as interests of current GRI Club members.
    7. GRI PropTech Club benefits include participation in GRI Club events, brand exposure, lectures, interaction with members of this club, among others. However, it is a unique and unilateral definition by the GRI Club team and GRI PropTech Club to invite entrepreneurs and Startups to enjoy these benefits.
    8. By applying to GRI PropTech Club, the entrepreneur and his Startup authorize the use of his non-confidential information and image on the GRI PropTech Club, GRI Club, printed materials, e-mail, among others, for the purpose of promoting the entrepreneur, Startup , GRI PropTech Club and GRI Club.
    9. The application process and consideration for participation in the GRI PropTech Club takes interaction in different ways: email, telephone, skype / hangout, and exchanges of documents. Only those approved by the GRI PropTech Board Members, a group of Real Estate Executives, members of the GRI Club, will be officially invited to participate in the GRI PropTech Club.
    10. All information exchanged between GRI PropTech Club, GRI Club and Entrepreneur / Startup, shall be treated as confidential for the duration of membership and for at least 3 years, after the membership expires, except for the information of dissemination and promotion, defined jointly between entrepreneurs / startups and GRI PropTech Club and GRI Club.
    11. The membership (participation of the entrepreneur / startup in the GRI PropTech Club) lasts 1 year and requires a new application by an entrepreneur or Startup party after this period.
    12. The closing of the membership can be done unilaterally at any time, at least 30 days in advance, not requiring prior justification to the other party, and at no cost to any party. It is only recorded that this closure should be formalized by e-mail.
    13. Inquiries of legal nature please send an e-mail to: [email protected]
    14. Applying for the GRI PropTech Club means agreeing with all of the above.